Fastest Growing Company

3rd fastest growing company in Utah Valley

Utah Valley BusinessQ Magazine has named Brown Brothers Catering as the 3 rd fastest growing company in Utah valley. This is based on their three-year growth of 675%. This is an extremely impressive accomplishment especially in Utah Valley.


Utah Valley is home of some of the most successful and innovative companies in the world. Companies like Novell, NuSkin, and Omniture just to name a few. It is impressive to say the least, when you look at the level companies that Brown Brothers Catering is competing against in Utah Valley and what they have accomplished.


How did they do it?


A huge part of their success has come from their online presence and search engine marketing. Read on to learn more.


Brown Brothers Catering 3rd fastet growing company in Utah Valley

About Brown Brothers Catering

Brown Brothers catering Services All of Utah, including Utah valley, and Salt lake City . They specialize in wedding, corporate, and concert catering. They do events from 50 people up to 5,000. They have been in business for over 4 years and now have franchises in Arizona , California , Boise Idaho , and Idaho falls .

Main factors in their growth

Owner Sam Schultz say's “The main factor in our growth has been from the website and search engine marketing. The search engine optimization that Studio Hall has done for my company has been incredible! In three years our company got voted the third fastest growing company in Utah Valley due to nearly 700% growth and I put about 90% of that growth from internet and search engine marketing! Another big factor is the design quality of our website. When a customer visits us they stay at our site and are impressed by the image that our online presence represents, especially when you compare our website to our competitors.”

Success from Search Engine Optimization

“The first month that we launched our website and started implementing search engine optimization we sold $40,000 in catering! That was huge for us! We now get about 60 leads per week and we close about 50% of those! Right now were selling about $100,000 a month.” Says owner Sam Schultz.


At Studio Hall we put a lot of research into relative keywords that would generate success for Brown Brothers Catering. Since the launch of their site Brown Brothers Catering has overall remained in the number 1 spot on google for their relative keywords. This is been one of the biggest factors in the success of their growth. We constantly monitor their rankings as we do for all of our clients and make any necessary changes to make sure that they are at the top of the search results.


The biggest advantage of using SEO is that when you compare it to other forms of advertising or marketing the cost is extremely low and the return on investment can be high. As you can see from the example of Brown Brothers Catering, SEO more than pays for itself.


The importance of design quality

“The quality of our website is extremely important because it represents us as a company.” Say's Sam Schultz.


When a customer first visits a website that sells products or services you only have a few seconds to represent who you are. It only takes a few seconds for someone to establish a feeling of how reputable you are based on how your image is being reflected through the design of your site. It's no different than visiting a brick and mortar store. If your storefront is clean and decorated appropriately for what you are selling then you are giving a positive impression of what you are selling. If your storefront is unorganized and messy then you are giving a negative impression. Online you only have seconds to give the right impression that will keep your visitors at your site. At Studio Hall we did a lot of research into the catering marketing to create a website that appropriately represented who and what Brown Brothers Catering is.


“The design of our site increases our client's confidence in our products.” - Hyrum Knapp. Sales director for Brown Brothers Catering.


“Studio Hall has really done an incredible job at creating a website that appropriately represents who we are.” - Sam Schultz.

Company Branding

“Studio Hall also does all of our branding, print design, and video production. They have created a very classy and catchy look for us. When people see our logo they remember it. It has been a huge benefit for us to be able to go to Studio Hall for all of our marketing needs, instead of having to work with various companies.” Says Sam Schultz.

We Trust Studio Hall

“We leave a lot of creativity up to Studio Hall. By putting our trust in their creativity and experience allows them to move in a direction that gives us success. I learned early on that you hire someone who knows what they are doing and just let them do what they do best.” Says Sam Schultz.

Studio Hall can help you

Studio Hall can help your company see the same success that we have helped Brown Brothers Catering accomplish.


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