Utah Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services

Achieving high rankings naturally is an involved process. There are many different ways to achieve success but the best formula is a combination of the following:


Site optimization evaluation
Content development
Web site design assessment
Link tracking
Site submission

Key work research
Web site Analytics / rank tracking and comprehensive monitoring
Viral Marketing


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Why Does My Company Need SEO?

We can build you a great site that is well designed and targeted at generating leads however, if no one comes to your site, no one is going to give you leads. This is where Search Engine Marketing known as SEO comes in. Currently a majority of all online traffic comes from search engines. If your web site is not showing up for popular searches in your industry, then you are losing out on a huge opportunity for increasing your online business. SEO combined with a well designed site is the greatest factor that determines online success.

How does Studio Hall build online traffic with SEO?

Studio hall provides a wide range of search engine optimization services in the following areas:


Web site optimization
Link building
Keyword Research
Social media marketing
Blog development and marketing
Pay Per Click Campaigns
Web site Analytics / Site stats and comprehensive reporting
Viral marketing


Depending on your needs a combination of the above services typically works best for overall success.

For a specific examples view our case studie on the following:


Brown Brothers Catering

Studio Hall has helped Brown Brothers Catering become the 3rd fastest company in Utah Valley with a three-year growth of 675%. A majority of their success has come from a well designed site along with a comprehensive SEO campaign.

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