A Utah web design firm

Studio Hall is a strategic web design firm located in Utah County. We are ideally located between Salt Lake City and Provo. In Utah, we service such clients as Stephen M. R. Covey and Greg Link of Coveylink, Stone Five Studios, Neumont University, Brown Brothers Catering, Shelf Reliance, The Organization Place, and many more. We service multiple industries throughout Utah including schools, universities, real estate firms, law firms, film and production studios, clothing and apparel companies, snow and skate boarding shops, best-selling authors, business consulting and sales training firms, mortgage companies, and E-commerce companies. We also service clients throughout the United States.


Studio Hall is a unique Web Design Firm because we not only create great web sites but we are also a full time Video Production Studio. Our latest work has combined the power of video and Flash with engaging web site design to create a user experience that produces powerful results. In 30 seconds or less a well produced video can provide a user with important information regarding your services as opposed to having to read through multiple pages to gather the same information. Interactive video can also be very engaging. A well produced online video can create excitement, hype, and a memorable experience that text and images cannot match.

Studio Hall has a team of talented web designers, Flash designers, video editors, and motion designers who provide our clients with an innovative approach to successful web sites, search engine optimization, and video campaigns.

Our clients in Utah and throughout the country choose Studio Hall because of the personal attention we give to their projects. Please browse through our web site to view our latest work and services.