Viral marketing campaigns


Viral and social media marketing

How do you get Thousands of visitors or more in 1 day?


Simple. Have a well thought out viral marketing campaign. Viral marketing is word-of-mouth advertising. It’s providing something that encourages viewers to spread the word. A well constructed campaign can spread quickly and inexpensively.

How to Create a viral buzz

There are many different ways to create a viral or social media buzz. They could include offering something valuable for free such as an article or software. Something that generates a good lauph. A well produced viral video can also have enourmous success. Basically anything of value or interest in an industry. A well executed campaign can spread like wildfire around the world in a matter of minutes.


There are three important elements to a successful viral marketing campaign:


1. Creative vision for a successful campaign
2. An organized and integrated social network to quickly spread the word.
3. A well defined way to track results.


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